FireCR Flash Medical Readers

Automatic CR with a Straight Scan Path

Affordable, High Resolution, High Throughput CR Solution

The FireCR flash is CR technology that has capitalized on product advantages of multiple competitors. Extremely compact and lightweight, the FireCR flash is designed to fit into any size clinic, whether desktop or wall mounted. You will enjoy enhanced image quality and an optimized workflow for digital x-rays thanks to the FireCR flash.

Vertical Wallmount Footprint of less than 5″ for limited space

Compact Self-Contained CR

One-step Integrated Scanning and Erasing

Automatic Cassette and Plate Handling

Rugged, Torsion Stabilized Optics

Delivered in a Solid, Easy-to-transport Wheeled Case

TigerView software complements the FireCR flash as a complete image management system to acquire, store, view and share images. TigerView provides functionality that will significantly improve your work flow by providing better patient management and accurate diagnosis. Quickly and easily access all digital image files and share them with colleagues and patients. Image manipulation and specialty specific enhancement tools provide maximum information for minimum effort.