Nomad MD


(Nomad MD/75 is currently approved for use in a certain number of states.  Please call to inquire.”)

Revolutionizing the Way Radiographs Are Taken
Stay with your patient. Move to the future.

The handheld NOMAD 75kV X-ray system is designed for general purpose diagnostic X-ray procedures.

Home visits
Anxious or panicked animals
Sedated or otherwise immobilized animals
Both outdoor and indoor treatment areas, as well as mobile vet
Special events such as fairs, rodeos, or other animal competitions

  • HANDHELD – Allows operator to stay with the patient during the exam.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighs just 11 lbs. Compact enough to go anywhere.
  • SHIELDED – Fully encapsulated X-ray source to allow only the useful beam to escape—protecting the operator and patient from leakage.
  • RECHARGABLE – Fully charged battery takes up to 100 X-rays at maximum exposure time.
  • EFFICIENT – Outputs 75 kV for anatomical X-rays that produces sharp, clear, diagnostic-quality images.
  • VERSATILE – Works with film, phosphor (CR) plates, and digital imaging (DR) receptor plates (up to 10” x 12”).