Nomad MD – Portable Handheld X-Ray


(Nomad MD/75 is currently approved for use in a certain number of states.  Please call to inquire.”)

Revolutionizing the Way Radiographs Are Taken
Stay with your patient. Move to the future.

The portable handheld NOMAD MD X-ray system is designed for general purpose diagnostic X-ray procedures on extremities. Because of its portable, handheld design, the NOMAD MD can go to the patient, rather than the patient going to the X-ray. Serving the patients in the most comfortable position for them.

In or out of office, NOMAD MD goes where it’s needed. The NOMAD MD is perfect for:

• Children
• Sedated or special needs patients
• Hospitals or clinics with X-ray rooms
• Out-patient settings, including doctors’ offices
• Field operations, such as hospices, long-term care facilities, and residences.

Best Patient Care / Time & Productivity Savings

• One Minute Set-up
• Simple to Learn and Use
• Minimal Training Required
• Excellent Image Quality
• Low Dose
• Made in the USA
• Average Savings of 6-12 minutes per patient
• Lightweight
• Compatible with most systems
• 1 Year Warranty
• Fully Adjustable Collimation
• Front Cage ensures minimum Source to Skin Distance (SSD) is maintained.
• Rechargeable Batteries
• Light Field indicating exposure area
• Reticle and Red-Dot for optimum 28″ from patient



  • HANDHELD – Allows operator to stay with the patient during the exam.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighs just 11 lbs. Compact enough to go anywhere.
  • SHIELDED – Fully encapsulated X-ray source to allow only the useful beam to escape—protecting the operator and patient from leakage.
  • RECHARGABLE – Fully charged battery takes up to 100 X-rays at maximum exposure time.
  • EFFICIENT – Outputs 75 kV for anatomical X-rays that produces sharp, clear, diagnostic-quality images.
  • VERSATILE – Works with film, phosphor (CR) plates, and digital imaging (DR) receptor plates (up to 10” x 12”).