Nomad Pro 2


Stay with your patient. Move to the future.

Since the NOMAD Pro 2 can be taken and used anywhere, it makes several situations much easier for diagnostic imaging:

Home visits
Anxious or panicked animals
Sedated or otherwise immobilized animals
Both outdoor and indoor treatment areas, as well as mobile vet

  • HANDHELD – Only 5.5 lbs (2.5kg). Allows operator to stay with the patient during the exam.
  • SHIELDED – Fully encapsulated X-ray source and backscatter shield, protecting the operator radiation.
  • PATIENT FRIENDLY – Take radiographs at difficult angles without contorting the patient, even during operatory procedures.
  • ECONOMICAL– No installation, renovation, or re-wiring. Make every table an X-ray station.
  • VERSATILE – Can work in any location with film, phosphor plates, and digital sensors.
  • EXTENDS YOUR PRACTICE – Excellent for dental, small animal, exotics, equine.