ScanX Scout™


The Only Truly Portable CR System

Engineering innovations put ScanX Scout™ ahead of the pack when it comes to rugged portability. The lightweight extruded aluminum frame helps to resist dents. Sturdy isolating / damping feet eliminate potential image quality issues due to external vibration. ScanX Scout is also available in a battery model making this system perfect for on-site applications. The rechargeable internal battery is capable of four hours run-time and has the ability to scan approximately thirty 14″ x 17″ imaging plates.

Developed exclusively for the security industry by ALLPRO Imaging, ScanX Scout is easy to deploy and produces high-resolution digital images in just seconds. Bomb technicians, EOD/IED specialists and other security professionals can swiftly obtain the data necessary to make critical decisions on the spot.

The ScanX Scout is a great value and much more rugged than DR systems. Phosphor Storage Plates are extremely durable and reusable. DR panels contain glass plates and mirrors which are easily broken. Wires get tangled and connectors can become loose and damaged. And, with DR panels you are limited to the panel imaging area. ScanX enables multiple imaging plates to be assembled in a mosaic with a single exposure.

To complement your ScanX Scout, you need imaging software to acquire, store, view and share images. TigerView, a Televere Systems product, will significantly improve your work flow for better image management. Quickly and easily assess threats using advanced image processing and calculate measurements for precision shooting.

  • 5 lbs
  • Self-contained rechargeable battery option
  • Accepts imaging plates in all standard sizes14″ x 17″ including custom cut sizes up to 14″ wide by any practical length
  • Enables multiple imaging plates to be assembled in a mosaic with a single exposure
  • Lightweight, extruded aluminum frame is exceptionally strong
  • Sturdy isolating / damping feet Eliminate potential image quality issues due to external vibration
  • Self-contained rechargeable battery option
  • Wire free for tight access applications
  • Can operate in direct sunlight