Tiger DR – AT Medical

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17×17 Cassette Sized Wired or Wireless Detector

A Cost Efficient DR Solution with Simple Integration
Tiger DR – AT Medical is a 17×17 inch cassette sized flat panel detector that fits into existing bucky trays and requires no rotation for full anatomic coverage. The Automatic Exposure Detection technology means the Tiger DR – AT Medical is hardware neutral and does not need a generator connection to synchronize the exposure signal.

The Tiger DR – AT Medical has Auto Calibration Control, so your practice will not need a service engineer for periodic calibration or recalibration of the detector.

Tiger DR – AT Medical Benefits Include:

• No Table or Cabinet Modification
• No Generator Connection
• No Calibration
• Improved Workflow
• Light Weight
• Cassette Sized
• Optimized Battery Design
• Made for Mobile

TigerView software complements the Tiger DR – AT Medical as acomplete image management system to acquire, store, view and share images. TigerView provides functionality that will significantly improve your workflow by providing better patient management and accurate diagnosis. Quickly and easily access all digital image files and share them with colleagues and patients. Image enhancement and specialty specific measurement and annotation tools provide maximum information for minimum effort.

  • Directly integrates with TigerView software
  • 7 lbs. with battery
  • 17″ x 17″ active imaging area
  • Carbon housing with handgrip is specially designed to support up to 440 pounds
  • Equipped with Automatic Exposure
    Detection technology
  • Calibration data embedded in the detector
Application General Radiography
Capture Cycle Time
Interface (Data Output)
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Column 0 Value Column 1 Value Column 2 Value Column 3 Value